Large Format Printing

Large prints like banners, windscreens, vinyl wall wraps, and more.


At Silicon Signs, we know quality prints start with the equipment we use. In order to deliver beautiful, clear, large format prints, we have invested in the best equipment and machinery that can create the prints you’re looking for. Size is not an obstacle for us; we can print anything from 60 inches up to 15 feet (as well as smaller sizes!). Some of the printing we specialize in includes banners, vinyl wall wraps, decals and labels, art, plaques, yard signs and more.

One of our trained, professional production team members oversees every step of the printing process to ensure you receive a quality large format print. We exclusively print on high-grade vinyl, canvas, banner material, and other materials using ink that includes UV inhibitors to protect from fading. We also only use premium overlaminates, which protect vinyl from scratching and UV damage. Our overlaminates ensure quality and peace of mind during the shipping, handling, and installation process. Additionally, these laminates allow us to change the finish on your print from matte to gloss, which allows us to create the perfect finished product for you!

We are committed to delivering products that exceed your expectations. Our top priority is to produce prints that you’ll love forever, which is why we include our own warranty on our signs, in addition to the warranties that are included on the materials we purchase from our manufacturers. We want you to have a sign you’re proud of, so we work with you during the designing process to ensure we create the perfect graphics for you. When you trust us to print a stunning large format print, we’re promising quality and efficiency—every time. Reach out to us today to create a print you’ll love.



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