Exterior Signs

Signs that have lights or moving components. These are a great way to advertise your business!



With years of experience in the sign industry, our goal at Silicon Signs is to help your business rise above the competition with a stunning, custom-made exterior sign. When you drive past a business, the first thing that should stand out to you is the signage. Most exterior signs include electrical components. What was originally a neon sign has been replaced by more affordable and long-lasting LED components. At Silicon Signs, we use LEDs to create bold, beautiful lighted signs. Some of the most eye-catching, lighted exterior signs are made with channel letters—custom-made, 3D letters that are lit internally with LEDs. Other engaging exterior signs are monument signs—ground signs that are low-profile and display tenant information and business names. Monument signs are an excellent way to not only advertise your business, but also show your commitment to quality and distinction. Pole signs are another exterior sign that can set your business apart. Pole signs are single- or double-poled signs with a lighted cabinet that displays your business name. These signs are also a great way to easily communicate information about your business to potential customers. Exterior signs often serve as a patron’s first introduction to a company, so why not make an unforgettable first impression with one of our custom-made signs?

As a business owner, you have thousands of responsibilities, and trying to create a beautiful sign on your own can be stressful. There are hundreds of different ways to fabricate a sign. Just deciding which materials to use—like acrylic, aluminum, PVC, and more—can be overwhelming, not to mention deciding the best way to engineer the sign itself. Add on figuring out what your building lease requires for signage, communicating with your city about its requirements, pulling the proper permits and electricity, and the installation of your sign itself, and you have a host of other responsibilities you’ve just added to your plate as a business owner. You may be tempted to settle for a banner or a flat sign. After all, they cut costs and are easy to produce. However, the longevity of those kinds of signs are limited, and they don’t communicate the right intention to your customers. A custom-made exterior sign conveys a message of permanence and commitment, and it produces a good first impression that you are a successful business. Lighted exterior signs also allow you to advertise at night, which helps you reach more clients! That’s where we come in. Our design and production teams cut out the guesswork of sign making. We take that complicated process from an idea to a full-fledged sign in a timeframe that meets your schedule and budget.

During the process of creating your sign, we will meet with you onsite to go over design concepts and needs. Then, one of our professional designers will put together a design package that shows what you can expect, with a realistic mock-up of your store location included. We’ll pull the necessary permits and our production team will produce the sign, ensuring it is engineered according to local safety requirements. After your sign is finished, our trained and licensed professionals will install your exterior sign and you will be left with an amazing finished product. We have successfully created and delivered signs of every shape and size to hundreds of happy clients throughout Utah and across the country, and we are excited to team up with you to create a perfect sign that will meet your business needs.



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