Silicon Signs is a national sign company. We specialize in providing a FRICTIONLESS signage process for emerging franchises. We are currently the preferred or even required sign vendor for several well-known franchise brands.

We are EXPERTS in:

  • Managing Landlord Sign Requirements
  • Brand and Sign Plan Consulting
  • Graphic Design
  • City Permitting
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation

Our Story

When we started Silicon Signs in 2018, somehow
we landed a huge national client, VetIQ, a publicly
traded company (PETQ). VetIQ has over 175 retail
vet clinics. Our first purchase order was for $347,900
to do signs for 49 locations in multiple states.

At the time, we had a credit card with a $10,000
limit so we couldn’t even afford to buy the materials
to fulfill the order. We ended up getting a $150,000
loan from a private investor. We fulfilled the order
and paid the loan (with about $15k in interest) back
in just 3 months.

It was a small price to pay for the education we
received during those 3 months.

We were immersed in the world
of being a national sign company
which included:

• Quick turnarounds and tricky install schedules
• Communication with corporate team members
• Navigating difficult out-of-state permitting processes
• Nationwide shipping logistics
• Finding and vetting qualified local installers

We learned many of the pitfalls and hurdles that multi-unit franchise owners face. We KNOW what keeps you up at night dealing with signage and we’ve created the solutions.

Because of that experience, we are in a position to execute a nationwide scale for you and these other brands:

  • 800+ Locations 80% 80%
  • 175+ Locations 80% 80%
  • 110+ Locations 80% 80%
  • 300+ Locations 80% 80%
  • 112+ Locations 80% 80%
  • 31+ Locations 80% 80%
Our manufacturing is done in-house which gives us full control over the fabrication process and timelines. We have a stable of project managers and designers whose sole focus and responsibility is to keep each sign project on schedule and on budget with PERFECT communication with corporate and the franchisee

Our Process:

We will create an online questionnaire specific to your business including things like:

  • Target Opening Date
  • Landlord sign requirements from the lease
  • Photos, architect plans, contact info, etc.

Within 2-3 days we will

  • Complete a city code check
  • Review the sign criteria from the lease
  • Create and design a sign plan that will be approved by the landlord and the municipality

After mockups and quotes are approved by landlord, franchisee, and franchisor we will:

  • Collect a deposit
  • Begin immediately on the sign permit process (average timeline is 2-4)
  • Once we receive the permit we’ll begin fabrication and installation (within 6 weeks)
  • We will send status updates at least weekly and for any milestone updates.

(If we can get involved at LOI, prior to lease execution, we can significantly decrease the timeline for getting signs installed. Franchisees run into problems if they don’t have an expert helping to review sign criteria in a lease.)

Sleep better at night knowing that we have solved these problems

We ALWAYS hit deadlines. We have control over the manufacturing
process. We prefer to handle things in the order we get them, but if
we have to, we can move things around and turn an entire exterior
sign package in a single day (please don’t make us do that).
We understand timelines and can set realistic expectations with
franchisees. The difference between a good experience and a
bad one is proper expectations. Things come up and things
change – we will let you know and adjust timelines and expecta-
tions as needed.
We have built and installed hundreds and hundreds of signs in
hundreds of municipalities in every state in the U.S. We’ve seen it
all. We know how to handle unrelenting landlords, over-zealous
city planners, annoying permitting issues, difficult franchisees, and
general contractors that stretch the truth.
We have project managers who are specifically hired and trained
to manage your sign project to make sure that it is done on time
and on budget. These are not salespeople who receive commis-
sions. They have one job and will always be available when
needed. If they are not available, there are at least 2 other people
in our organization who know the status of your job that can
answer questions. We use a project management software that
has every task and milestone with deadlines and alarms.
We are competitively priced in every market nationwide. We
have strong buying power with our suppliers, we do not have to
pay expensive sales commissions, franchise fees, or even sales
tax if it’s out of state. Even with a shipping expenses and out-
sourced installs, we can save your franchisees money while pro-
viding them a better product and service. And most importantly,
saving you as the franchisor time and headache.


Do you install yourselves?

We install anything in the state of Utah. Any job out of state, we outsource to a local installer to pull the permit and install. We have an extensive list of quality and insured installers in hundreds of municipalities already. If we don’t have a reliable contractor in your area, we will find and vet one.

Do you guys work with the landlords or do we?

It’s up to you! We typically have the franchisee handle the landlord approvals since they have the relationship. We’ve found that landlords have little incentive to negotiate with the sign contractors and lose patience quickly. But if it’s a largely transactional relationship with the landlord, we’re happy to handle that communication.

What kinds of signs can Silicon Signs provide?

We can provide any signs that your store needs. This includes illuminated channel letters, monument and pylon tenant panels, construction graphics, window tints or blackout, store hours, interior displays and lettering, stickers, faux neon signs, business cards and flyers, and more.

Contact Us:

FRANCHISORS please contact our CEO directly:

Chase Dalton
chase@siliconsigns.com | 503.480.6477

FRANCHISEES please contact the sales manager for an intro call:

McLane Sanford
mclane@siliconsigns.com | 801.857.7807